10 Reason why Iron Man Is A Wonderful Role Model

Why is Iron Man Tony Stark a wonderful role model?

Firstly, after watching Avengers : Endgame I fell in love with Iron Man my Super hero and my best Avenger of all time before was Hulk because of the green colour representing nature and also the raw power he processes, but after seeing how he was shown on Endgame, I just had to compare him to another Avenger. The Endgame was a beautiful and stunning #Marvel film which I really did feel emotions especially the character of Iron Man was played so well don't get me wrong other roles were played well. It is a marvel film right? But this marvel one was very entertaining that I never left my sit when I was watching it. Let me go straight to the marvel character which was so admired and was the hero of the day, after a lot of thinking I called it "team Iron Man" because without the other marvel avengers etc he will never have done it and saved the world. Iron Man in Endgame seems to have known in the beginning of the film which shows he was a true leader and a man of great love for the universe. Iron Man and Clint Barton was the only ones to hold a family together even though Captain America wished that towards the end of the film while #Ironman saved the world! :)

Before, I tell you the 10 reasons why Iron Man "Tony Stark" is a wonderful role model, will like to tell you a bit about the film, it is a 2019 American superhero film based on the Marvel Comics superhero teams The Avengers. Released date was April 22, 2019 (Los Angeles Convention Center), so what was the film about it was about? Adrift in space with no food or water, Tony Stark sending a message to Pepper Potts as his oxygen supply started to lessen, while, the other Avengers have to figure out a way to bring their conquered allies for legendary fight with Thanos. "A must watched film"every moment was epic and stunning.

10 reasons Why Iron Man Tony Stark a wonderful role model?

#1 Tony Stark was the first one of the marvel super hero to be reached by Nick Furry to be part of The Avengers Initiative.

#2 Tony Stark knew and knows who he is.

#3 Tony created his own superhero powers.

#4 Tony embraces all his flaws.

#5 Tony is always there to help and especially he saved the world in Endgame after taking the stones form Thanos, but didn't do it alone without his team. (team Iron Man).

#6 Tony is a leader and always ready to listen, and he is never afraid to try new things.

#7 Tony didn't let even an Asgardian god intimidate him and always knows what he is dealing with.

#8 Tony is a fighter.

#9 Tony keeps good people around him and his team is wonderful that's why they could save the world and bring everybody back to the present :)

#10 Tony has self-worth and self-love and doesn't procrastinate.

Must Watch!

In Conclusion, Iron Man (Tony Stark) is a true leader that has all the traits of leadership, no doubt about him having a good team, but then he knows how to bring the team together and knows what he wants which makes him my favourite and most loved Avenger, what is yours?

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