10 Richest And Successful Dyslexic Business men

Updated: Dec 1, 2019

I am sure many of us have heard the word "Dyslexia" and might have the symptoms or come across people who does, it is not a shameful thing to be dyslexic, in fact it could be a blessing if you get diagnosed earlier in life because it could be managed. Many dyslexic people were inventors, successful and mentors. "Self denial is enemy of self"

"life is what you make of it and you create your environment"

Symptoms of Dyslexic

A later talker

Pronunciation Problems

Impaired ability to learn basics such as alphabet, colors, and numbers

Problems with handwriting etc.

TOP 10 Dyslexic Successful, Left Handed and College Dropout Business Men : Who had the Problem and Managed it.

#1 Rank Name

Henry Ford

Business - Ford Motor Company

Net Worth - $188,000,000,000

Drop Out - Yes

Left handed - Yes

Business - IKEA

Net Worth - $22,000,000,000

Business - Real Estate Developer

Net Worth - $18,500,000,000

Charles Schwab

Business - Charles Schwab

Net Worth - $6,200,000,000

Richard Branson

Business - Virgin

Net worth - $5,000,000,000

Drop Out - Yes

Kerry Packer

Business - Nine Network

Net Worth - $4,800,000,000

David H. Murdock

Business - Dole Foods

Net Worth - $4,700,000,000

Reyn Guyer

Business - Nerf Ball

Net Worth - $4,400,000,000

William Hewlett

Business - HP

Net Worth - $4,100,000,000

Steve Jobs

Business - Apple

Net Worth - $3,400,000,000

Drop Out - Yes

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