What Are The 5 Signs You Might Have Negative Energy? It sucks

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Negative energy can really suck especially when you have people around you that care about you and they notice it !

Negative energy is usually seen as a low point in mood that can spread throughout your whole body and to people around you.

It is likely you notice negative energy anytime you are not feeling your usual happy mood throughout the day and there is a possibility people around you notice too.

Hence, if you notice when you have negative energy, can be great and you have the power to turn the day around and boost your mood and energy level.

Feeling energized and excited in the day can be amazing for boosting your health benefits and overall quality of life.

There are Five signs that can turn that negative energy and create a more positive energy and happiness in your life.

1, You're seeing bad energy in others!

"A man is what he thinks about all day long"

If you are feeling and sensing bad energy developing in others, it might be you. I will suggest you check in with yourself (evaluate) and see if you are the problem and if you need to change your #attitude or #mindset!

If you notice the negative energy is coming at you in a gathering, around family or friends, just excuse yourself respectful manner and take a walk or go to the rest room.

2, When you compare yourself to others

We live in a #world where people compare themselves to others. Our constant comparison to what we don't have or what we haven't achieved can be the reason why we are in a bad mood.

Advice : recognize and appreciate yourself instead of trying to live up to a superficial life and comparing yourself to others.

3, It can be because your schedule is too hectic

As a result of having a hectic schedule and busy running around from place to place can let negativity and anxiety get the best of you.

If you pressured, it can be time to take sometime off and do something fun, exciting for yourself that will brighten your day.

Remember to treat yourself at least once a week or each month.

4, You are depressed

Noticing depressive symptoms is a clear signal of negative energy and it can affect your life in general.

Depression is a symptom that makes it almost impossible to force one's self to feel motivated and happy and normally due to a dysfunction in the serotonin regulation system.

Enjoy the music :)

5, You highly emotional and have negative self-talk

If you find yourself feeling too overwhelmed by emotion to function normally and you read meanings to everything, you might spend too much time analysing and dealing with negative energy.

" If you notice having high emotional sensation is better to take a deep breath and allow them to simply pass through your body like a wave (mediate).

Emotional reaction all have a maximum level were they usually pass away. Just non-judgmentally observe their presence, and they will reach their peak quicker and eventually disappear without any effort.

Negative self-talk like saying how can I do this or I can't do this gets in your way of feeling #optimistic

Hence, having positive attitude and setting intention each day helps you get rid of negative and toxic energy.

Remember to tell yourself how amazing and terrific you are and face yourself in the mirror each day when you say that. Repeat it several times! You are awesome :)

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