What are the 7 Amazing Olive Oil Benefits For your Skin

The benefits of using olive oil has been a natural beauty products for centuries, containing vitamins and antioxidants, and it also becomes an amazing oil for moisturizer and cleanser.

1, The intensive hair treatment

We don't need to spend a lot of money on hair products, like hair mask, hair treatment in general. Hair treatment can be every expensive but saving money on hair treatment by using olive oil instead on your hair once a week for a budget hair treatment is key.

Half cup of olive oil massaged into dry hair, comb through with either a shower cap on or wrapped head. You can leave it overnight for it to work the magic, or just having a hot bath or shower by letting the steam will help the oil penetrate into your scalp, and remember to shampoo to reveal that stunning and beautiful shiny hair.

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2, Olive oil for dry hands treatment

After all that cleaning will get your fingers feeling dry and appear less attractive.

Just rub a few amounts of olive oil into your nails to syringe some moisture into that dry skin.

Olive oil contains omega-6 and omega -3 which as a stunning skin smoothing properties that will restore lost moisture, and most importantly make your hands looking young and beauty.

3, Olive Oil for skin cleanser

Do you have combination or dry skin? The answer is live oil because it can help bring a smooth supple complexion you have always wanted!

You can message olive oil on your skin for 5 minutes in a circular motion, then press onto your face with a clean hot facial tower or cloth then wash with cold water and leave it to dry on your face before applying your moisturizer, you will be amazed how radiant, smooth and adorable your face will look.

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Leave olive oil on your face, run clean flannel under hot water and place onto your face.

4,Olive oil can be used to whiten your teeth naturally

Most of us want to whiten our teeth with a low budget right?

The answer is olive oil!

Olive oil has been an ancient Ayurveda ritual that includes washing your mouth with natural oil for a better oral hygiene, whiter teeth and other dental hygiene benefits.

Use Extra virgin oil around the mouth for 5 minutes a day, or increase to 20 minutes a day for a comprehensive benefit.

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5, Using olive oil for lip scrub

For dry, chapped lips all it needs is some exfoliation and nourishment. By using olive oil it can transform your dry lips into a radiant and kissable one :)

Mix 1.5 tbsp of olive oil, 2 tbsp sugar and 1 tsp honey in a small container, massage onto your lips then wash with warm water.

You will have that kissable lips you always wanted!

6, Use oil for makeup remover

Olive oil mixed with castor oil can be used to wipe that make up off your face before getting ready for bed.

Apply to skin in small circular motion, then remove using a hot clean cloth or facial towel.

Make up damages the sin, by drying the skin out or causing spot but if you use olive oil to wipe your face before bed it will restore your moisture and youthfulness.

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7, Using olive oil as shaving cream

Did you run of shaving cream? Olive oil can be the option, olive oil onto your skin and it will help your razor to glide gently and smoothly over the skin and prevent cuts, lumps or bumps.

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