7 Reason Why it is Important to Put Your Partner First

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

Everything can change in marriage, when it comes to the constant changes of your #family. The most important changes of course is that you have promised to honour and respect another person all the rest of your life and it means that you must put them first, you need

to put your trust into their decisions and also put their needs, as your own priority and concern. Sometimes, it might be easy to take your partner for granted, especially when they always there for you.

Hence, we need to learn to put our spouse before everything and anyone else, so that our marriage or #relationship don't have some problems.

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7 #Reason Why it is Important to Put Your Partner First

1, #Your spouse must always feel respected

Hence, before you get married you might ask your parents for advice about important life choice. Parents many times give good advice, but sometimes they can overprotective or wrong, after all it is an advice not a answer or solution how to treat your spouse. However, the final say should be between you and your spouse, Remember don't choose your parents advice over your spouse's because it shows the high level of disrespect to them and their abilities to make right decisions.

2, #Remember you have committed your life to them

Commitment in #marriage is very important, because you are taking a huge responsibility for someone else happiness. Therefore, in marriage you should ensure that you are making the right choice that makes your spouse happy. Sometimes your choice will make your spouse unhappy which is understandable but you need to find a compromise.

3, #Having faith in your #spouse is needed

Therefore, you need to trust them to stay with you all the rest of your life, because you are trusting them to be your partner in your new family and having faith in them perhaps become the parent to your children, you need to have faith in your partner and assurance that they are for you and you are partner before getting married.

4, #Growing with your spouse is important

Marriage gives an opportunity for two people to spend their years growing together. Remember nobody is perfect and everybody makes mistakes which is somethings inevitable. If you want your spouse to have that feeling they are growing with you ,

they need to be assured they are equal to you since been equal is a good feeling of togetherness.

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5, Always remember they are your family now.

Family are people who will always be there in your life and support you no matter what, yes not always they support you which is true but bare it in mind only you know your dream more than anyone else and sometimes you need to get your dream into reality before people can understand you. family are people who you love unconditionally and forgive even when they hurt you.

Once again, learn to forgive because remember you need to love them unconditionally. Divorce has become an alternative to sort out issues, when the truth is what is needed is seeing their spouse as they see other part of their family and listen more than talking. The world has taken divorce as a solution but then they forget that maybe if they just evaluate, put their partner first and listen more it can just be avoided.

6, Getting things wrong together is cool!

Therefore, you need to support each other no matter the bad advice , hence, your spouse might give some bad advice or vice versa , because sometimes we get things wrong , you need to support each other through those stages of failure and always put your spouse first before your ego.

7, You need to stay loyal always

loyalty and a solid foundation is the key to a good marriage or relationship. If you commit yourself to other person, that is what marriage or relationship is all about, you should put you mind and all wholeheartedly and unconditionally.

If you want to have a marriage that stands the storm and test of time make sure that trust is never broken and is the foundation of your union together, if you make a mistake tell the truth no matter the consequences.

In Conclusion, The thing is your spouse is the person, who you should appreciate the most and including your friends and parents. Therefore, if you find yourself failing to care for your spouse, then you might find out one day they might stop caring for you, so evaluate yourself and try to fix that problem before it get worse. Don't assume always ask.

Therefore, let communication be a part of your journey in your marriage or relationship. My suggestion is that the 7 steps can help in making your marriage and relationship a success without even thinking of divorce or break up. Most time divorce is not the solution only if we listen to each other more and respect each other a little more. please also read books of health, family and Lifestyle because it will help you.

New result shows that the solution is within you and only if both partners are willing to work things out accordingly will things get better!

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