The 8 Key Principles For Success

The word success is simple, but not easy to accomplish.

Yes a lot of search can down online and you will find many powerful, inspirational quotes and articles to motivate you to #succeed.

But with all that success information available why are we still struggling?

Headway UK have witness obstacles you and other people have experienced, we also have witness lot of success, one thing that is important to us is what our successful readers are always doing.

8 key #principles for #success in life

1, What you think and focus on is what you get!

If you think or focus on your past failures or what is wrong in your life that is what will create- increase in failure and regret!

But if you think and focus on something positive - you will get positive results in your career and achievement your goals in life.

And your number 1 enemy is self, what do I meant by that? If you procrastinate and are distracted then you cannot achieve your goals or hard to achieve your goals.

Winston Churchill quote say it perfectly - "you will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks".

2, The larger the problem you solve the bigger your #reward.

Remember solve problems that are needed first and are of benefit to you and leave irrelevant ones, yes, leave the irrelevant ones, as an accountant we are taught that Technique, relevant and irrelevant costing. So even in the academic word they see the importance doing what is relevant.

3, keep close attention to your #mission and #vision in life!

Make sure your mission and vision is well-defined to you and write them down so you can always look at it every day until you achieve that goal.

4, Practice Gratitude daily

Gratitude is a very powerful and positive way to look at life, so make it part of your daily rituals. Practising Gratitude is the best way to worry. Even that trait is practised should leaders either in a business or community.

5, Good enough is not good enough!

For every action there is an equal reaction. " Take action every day and surround yourself with successful people".

Once again, surround yourself with successful people, well the best definition of success is "success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal".

6, #Exercise daily

Run, walk, play, dance, lift weights, laugh, smile etc - just go for it!

Don't give up and never surrender. Just do it! And stop procrastinating!

7, Always learning, read, seeking. Listen more and do research in topics of any kind.

Yes I said any kind of research because nothing is a waste we all learn from research of any kind especially the ones written by experts but specialize on one area of discipline but no knowledge is a waste!

8, Don't engage in arguments with anyone in #person or #online.

Again I do repeat don't because it takes a lot of energy from you and most time alter your positive mindset or energy but it is easier said than down but keep trying to master the act of slowly reacting to things like that. Usually tell people when things get you upset take a deep breath before you react.

To be honest it is all easy said than done but remember, no 7 of the 8 keys to success the word learn and listen was mentioned and it is because we all learning and no one is perfect. So keep trying and trying, for the worst failure in life is when you never try at all. Be consistent in anything you put your mind too it.

We all winners if only we put our minds to it and remember the definition of #success.

Read the book "The Strangest Secret" by #EarlNightingale. And also advice you read books relating to success, wish you all the best.

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