Why Alison is the biggest free educational and training platform in the world

It is a / for-profit social enterprise committed to allowing anyone to learn anything at any point, anywhere, anywhere, free online.

Alison provides 100+ free online courses in Technology, Languages, Science, Humanities, Business, Mathematics, Marketing and Lifestyle. Sign up now!

Their  goal is to stimulate positive social changes, to create opportunities, stability and equality for all. Headway UK development| empowerment also have benefited from their positive goals and courses they provide. Our team continues to learn from various courses they provide. It has been an amazing journey been able to access their online courses and read their study materials too.

Range of courses from Online Diploma Courses to Certificate courses or Alison Learning Paths are a combination of niche courses that have been specially designed by experts. There Learning Paths, with an average completion time of 18-20 hours, will help you:

Alison core values


They are motivated by our belief in the power of free education and skills development to change the lives of people for the better and are passionate about delivering a holistic learning experience that meets their needs and helps them achieve life goals.


They are online education experts and are rigorous in providing high-quality learning materials, services and experiences that deliver the learning outcomes that we have promised.


The UN Declaration tells us that "everyone has the right to free education." We are committed to equality and access to education regardless of gender, ethnicity, economic status or other access barriers.

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They won't be constrained by what already exists, but will lead the way in introducing new ways to accomplish our goal.

Alison's mission statement : Learn, achieve and succeed. Let Alison empower you and make you get the knowledge you have always wanted for free!

Get educated, Get empowered and get sorted!

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