Community Development: What are the importance of Community Development?

Community development is where people in the #community come together to brainstorm, suggest and take collective action or responsibilities to solve a common problem of interest. Communities come together to suggest actions in keeping their community safe and improved, sometimes these communities form groups because of a particular problem or driving interest in their community. Therefore, communities with collective effort come together to solve common problems or curse. Communities can rally around an event or around a cause which is quite common to awareness of their interest.

Why do communities really come together? What comes out of it? Community rally or come together for cause as stated earlier, for example people coming together because of their collective personal network, challenge or business.

What comes out of it ? It is simply amazing what comes out of it because togetherness is a stronger and influential way of getting your messages across to the public, government or in an event (Headway UK 2019),

When a community come together for a cause is usually for #developing their community and most times the communities are diverse. We have people of different age, sex and background who are skilled in different areas by working together, with old and young mentors, strong helping the weak, old mentor the young and the young inspire and motivate the old. It is a beautiful and stunning activity to join in your local community. "We all have something to contribute".

As stated most time community come together not often expect for cause, disaster or interest, "project of common interest" because most times after the interest is reached within a period of time they all go their separate ways. So it is clear most times they come together just because of a cause, interest or disaster.

Why is community development important: Is important because it helps to share the issues and problems and #remedies as collective effort.

Conclusion and #suggestion is that communities needs to come together more than often because it clears that our unity has become more important than ever, because we face challenges of interest or around the world. We need to keep our community safe and alive, only way we can do that is people coming #together in a place or area to form a community group or rally.

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