Why Does Money make life easier or more difficult?

Do you think it would make your life easier if you had all the money in the world? Or, is personal happiness more important than money?

True, it makes life "easier" to be rich and have a lot of money to buying a home, paying for your ride and suit a luxury lifestyle. It also supports your well-being but is that all to do?

Hence, just because money makes life easier, does not mean that life is better but at the same time is essential and important to have money!

For example, food and shelter are necessary which can not be negotiated however, it simply means you are living "below average" lifestyle I assume, if that is all you think you need money for!

Is life really focus on making money? Hmm, don't get it twisted, it is great to own expensive cars and mansions. Hence, isn't there much more important things to think about?

Don't get me wrong, money is good and I totally understand we cannot do without money!

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Money controls the world, but in general has one major downside, you heard that money is the root of all evil right?  I disagree with that, I think when money controls you instead of  you controlling it, is the danger here. 

Money can either control you or you control it, nevertheless, on a limited scale, if someone is successful or not in life, money can also be the decisive factor. I believe that money adds to your profile and relieves your true identity!

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