How Do Outstanding Students Study?

An outstanding student is a top student who can inspire his peers to do the right thing, someone who wants to stand up for another student. Someone dedicated to helping other students regardless of how busy you are. In addition to achieving high marks in school, you need to possess these qualities. Do you possess these qualities?

Outstanding students are simply dedicated to their studies and possess outstanding qualities

Here's how I achieved success in college 

Whenever it comes to reading, in all your classes you can't read every single word every week. Many humanities discipline require a great deal of reading, every week from 30 to 100 pages per class, and you don't have time to read all that word-for-word. Even if you do, you're going to be so drained, frustrated and overworked that you won't clearly remember anything in the lecture and you're going to sound like that.

Treat your study courses as a hobby that enriches your mind, and then find another hobby that allows you to be creative and keep you healthy. This way you maintain balance between your mind, body, and soul / spirit. It's incredibly important not to allow one to overpower and dominate your life completely. It doesn't have to be great at all, but focus on achieving excellence.

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Don't be too extreme, don't be snobbish, don't get pulled into trouble, and don't see yourself above failure. If you remain humble and accept that you simply have to work hard to accomplish your dreams, and if you remain hungry for success, you will produce better results. If you take your success for granted or think you're too clever to worry about a specific class, then you're heading for failure!

Don't Procrastinate! Make things a little enjoyable with small rewards for yourself, or concentrate on what you love about a piece of work that you need to complete so you feel motivated to do it. 

Point of action : Dedicate yourself helping other students regardless of how busy you are. In addition to achieving high marks in school. For some reason this strategy works because it is something I did when in college and the result was amazing and outstanding. You empower yourself by empowering others

Do you possess these qualities?

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