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Why it is important to become... "YOU”

Guest Blogger: Nathlyn Baptiste Artist, contemporary artist and painter

Okay, I love life and how I became to love life was that like with anything else in life I did first hate it! I hated the length of days, I hated people I hated myself frequently. Why? I hear you ask!! Well truth be known, I did not know the answer, everything upon everything was a mystery, : my mum was a mystery, my dad was a mystery: I therefore was a mystery. So by default I hated that which I did not understand.

I know many feel the same so as my present femininity dictates, now I share. I came to realise that sharing is the only way to be truly free. So this is the way to love you 101.

First how to become you. How do you become what you don’t understand, how does that happen? How is this done? So many questions, what do you keep to yourself? What do you share? These questions are good signs of a reasonable intelligence… you share what you have. Next question: what do you have ? You have you! So to become you, you share you, it is that simple. You share what you are good at and that is being you. This is the one thing you know hand on heart you can do better than anybody else and you do it very well. e.g: I give great advice: having been told this multiple times by others. I also know this to be true: that, I just know my ‘stuff’, and yes it is true. Being called ‘inner’ is cute or I think too much or over thinking whatever you call it - it's the same: many words one meaning. But equally at the same time they also listen to me. My words my voice my me!

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Why is this the answer. The answer- trust me the answers are not that deep and most times are incredibly simple. What I love about being me, being an artist, is my art-what everyone can see is what everyone can understand and if everyone can understand then it is truly accessible. And I see art like I see life: you either love it or hate it. If you choose to love, just love yourself completely- choose hate, have a bloody good reason for it because that needs full justification at all times as it can be more painful to endure. So I’ll I keep it short and keep it sweet. The more truth you tell yourself the better life gets. It is a true life that way. Which can also become more rewarding, the more time you put into making yourself be happy. Which if you have not guessed is what I am all about. Happiness is the key to life and the keys to life include to be successful at it, aka ultimately happy. But ask yourself, a final question who is truly happy these days, you, me… who? The answer my friends is this.

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The Reality: Reality the leading child physiologist of Newham once said: life is about ups and down. No-one can be happy 100% of the time, there is no smooth sailing, there will be bumps along the way. But if you remember this: as life goes up and down… as long as the trajectory, projection of your path should become gradual incline. If your life path goes up over time, you are winning (I always remember that). If you are taking points, notes markers what it takes to be you, to become ‘You’, then you are just fine! Love, love yourself is what I am saying, take time to think what is important to you and how to hold close those things what are important to you, cherish your truth that you tell yourself to be true, daily. Your thoughts that you alone think are about you, they are private and that is what you hold to yourself. What you think about you will be become - the better you. Knowing all along. Believe in you.

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