How To Train Your Mind To Get What You Desire

Please watch the video and buy Earl Nightingale books it is an audio video of a great teacher, #mentor, and #motivator with great respect and admiration! Thank you

We also feature another important and #great man of all time "Napoleon Hill with both of them they have proved and showed that you can train your mind to get whatever you desire.

Everything is in the mind, the human mind is the greatest and the freest gift ever given to mankind. All you need to do is tap into your mind and start to think positive about whatever you desire and want to achieve.

There are two things a human mind think about the most, what they desire and what they fear the most.

They are the two things that attracts the human mind and brain, for years and years the human mind has been trying to overcome what he/she fears but it's been so unbearably hard too because what we fear is constantly showed to us on the media, newspapers, magazines, social media, our environment and our community. Once heard a man told me, I don't read newspapers or watch the news on TV in the morning because it gets me depressed, paranoid and thinking negative throughout the day.

My research started many years ago after this man told me this, I did come to realize that what we start the day with is every important and subconsciously affects our day-to-day life but yet we get newspapers and early morning news just in a glance. I have always constantly thought why it is so difficult for humans to do good and easy for humans to do bad and I have come realise it is because of the mind. Humans feed their mind with negative thoughts more than positive thoughts. We constantly feed our minds with negative thoughts either knowingly or unknowingly, fixing our mind to something we fear instead of something we love.

The only hope for humans is love and without love everything else is fear, greed and hate, join our group and connect with other members, get updates and share photos in mins.

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Hence, fear is attractive and can subconsciously be what you desire without you even realising you do. Yeah, people will argue that reading the papers in the morning is OK and has nothing to do with your moods etc, but relating it to the reader, do you know that what you read, watch, environment and hear most times determines your mood and willingness to succeed? If not, observe your mood when you read, watch or hear something negative and relate it to what have been discussed.

Get inspired, motivated by reading books, journals, watching things, forums and join groups that will help you stay positive!

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A positive mind can create and produce whatever he/she desires, and most importantly a positive mind is a healthy person full of life!

To observe and read about great mentors have inspired me over the years to my journey to success and greatest. These are facts not frictions because it is something that have been used and tired over the years and it has produced great and wonderful results.

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