How To Write A Good Blog Post And Article

Writing Is A Way Of Expressing Yourself And The Best Way To Form The Right Habit is to Practice Every day.

❗Observing successful, good writers and writing every day is the best way to improve your writing skills.

Hence, it is being consistent, patience and hard-work that will get through especially during the tough times.

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Here are few tips and tricks

  • To start a blog title use "Why", "How", "Why", "Which" and "What". Word count (50-62)

  • Deep knowledge, Creativity and study is required before choosing a topic.

  • You can use "The" in your blog title but make sure it is followed by an adjective.

  • Target your audience, demographics and use less complicated as possible. (it bores the reader).

  • Write the way you talk, be original, consistent, patient and use words you use daily and make sure your blog post or article is not stiff, forced and unnatural.

  • Simplicity is key: keep it short, simple, clean, direct, strong and content filled words (straight to the point). Don't get too cute or clever doing it.

  • Make sure what you are writing is directed to the right people.

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If you want to write a blog post sit down and write it like you telling it to a friend. Two words you can use to persuade people reading your blog or article is "Do you think" and "Here is what you should do".

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Remember if you're writing an article or blog post to sell your ideas, products or services don't appear to anxious having your idea accepted. Give your audience or viewers a choice.

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