How Huawei Surpassed Apple To Become The Second Largest Smartphone Manufacturer

Huawei, the controversial Chinese tech giant, surpassed Apple to become the second largest smartphone manufacturer.

According to statistics from International Data Corp. (IDC), the Chinese electronic giant Huawei has outperformed Apple to become the No 2 smartphone supplier globally.

The milestone comes as smartphones sales decline worldwide, and Huawei face continuous scrutiny of its device safety and fraud charges.

The success of the company arises as the fights charges of spying, among other disputes.

  • Apple and Samsung are not the only significant firms experiencing the repercussions of slowing smartphone industry as competitors struggle.

  • Google said its Pixel smartphone sales are dropping in its latest income report, and the portable division of LG recently recorded revenues of $1.34 billion in the first quarter, down from $2.01 billion in the same quarter last year.

  • Part of the achievement of Huawei can be ascribed to its broad product portfolio, which comprises both high-end phones, such as its Mates and P lines, and lower-end device under its honour offshoot brand.

  • Premium models from the company also generated a powerful brand association for these cheaper goods (IDC).

  • For this reason Apples struggle to maintain up with its competitors despite its trade in programs and prices.

Apple anticipated 3 new iPhones to be launched this year while Huawei keep generating a Power brand presents with cheaper price. There is still cause for both tech giants to improve.

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