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Article 2020 : Learning Difficulties

Firstly, you need to understand the difference between a learning difficulty and learning disorder/disability, learning difficulty is not inherited or genetic and learning disorder is, so learning disorders is more of a serious issue which can be impossible for coaches to help.

Learning Difficulty Student

However, learning difficulties doesn't affect your intelligence or creativity, learning difficulties can be improved on greatly by an educational coach or career coach but learning disorder might not be.

How I improved my learning difficulty and become an A + student, I would like to say that dyspraxia, dyslexia and hyperactivity disorder are learning difficulties not a learning disorder. Yes, you heard me mention hyperactivity disorder is a learning difficulty, think about it for a sec hmm, it is something you are aware of and it is something that you can overcome and might also be of great advantage in your life/future. Learning disorder can be similar to learning difficulty because if you have a learning disorder it will be difficult for you to learn or study. Hyperactive people might be intelligent or not but that might come across as a difficulty in the process of leaning.

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OK, as a child I was hyperactive and didn't like to listen, so it was a disadvantage to my learning process but then it didn't affect all areas of my life because other areas I was portrayed as being intelligent and creative. People who don't listen mostly are open-minded, thinkers, creative and lover of change. I guess you might be hyperactive etc and be judged as being unintelligent which is not true and totally wrong!

Just because you are dyslexic, hyperactive or have dyspraxia or just not given the opportunity to express yourself doesn't mean you are not intelligent, clever or have a low IQ, it might just be a difficulty and you need to seek support, encouragement, help and find ways to better your self- development especially in your education.

7 Ways How You Can Overcome Your Learning difficulties are:

Become a good listener, a saying goes "a good listener can appear intelligent and wiser than someone who talks all the time". You're learning from others will make you are able to think and reflect on what others are say before talking!

Keep your focus, focus on your strength not your weakness, remember a learning difficulty affects some areas of your life not all! If only you focus on what and how you do things you will succeed mate ::::::::::::::::)

Remember having a learning difficulty is not the end of the world, we all have challenges and difficulties in life, so don't be embarrassed or afraid to seek and ask for help when needed. If only you know what others are facing you will get out there and ask for help! (SEN).... You are not alone!.. (Learning difficulties, 2020)

Get Support Today

Get good mentors, people who have been through it, experts to guide and support you! Observe and listen to experts (coaches on learning difficulties) on how to improve your learning difficulty or difficulties etc and read books on how people overcame their learning difficulty.

True life stories of people who have gone through learning difficulty and had overcome it, but remember it is an ongoing process, never ending because you have to keep improving yourself (self-empowerment and development).

Take charge of yourself and start being accountable for your action/result, stop blaming your misfortune and mistakes on others, it is all about you and your self-development, Yes experts, books and tutors can help you but in the end you are your own biggest and greatest influence and mentor! It is OK to failure but it is not OK to stay a failure!

Clarify your goals and be more organised, from experience I did notice that I wasn't too clear about my goals and lack organisation, it can be a big obstacle and hinder your learning ability. Buddy :::::::::::::::::::::::::::) I will make it clear to you, you will need to focus on how to improve your strength and turn your weaknesses and threats to opportunities. Many great successful businessmen and women have dyslexia etc. Examples are lord sugar, Richard Branson, Anita Roddick, Nancy Brinker, Henry Ford, founder of Ikea Ingvar Kampard overcame their dyslexia to become a very successful businessmen and women

(Dunlop, 2020).

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It is not how fast but it is how well, some people learn faster than others and some are slow learners but the most important thing is you get to the finish line, achieve your goal and succeed. Even though if it is "a little" or little you learn today it is better than going on a fast pace like others or your colleagues without knowledge of what you have learnt and understood.

Identify your weakness might simply be that you might need to wear glasses because you cannot see properly "vision", need a hearing aid etc or a better and comfortable environment to study. Who knows, you will need to seek help and support today to find out. I did identify mine so what about you?

If things are better or improved in your life, it is for your own benefit not others, it might sound selfish or self-centred but life has taught me that what is good for you can only be best for you first before others. We at Headway empowerment and development will want to hear your feedback and contributions about how you overcame and improved your learning difficulties.

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