Leadership is Empowerment: What Are The Benefits of Employee Empowerment

Leadership is the leader's communication with his/her followers, a good leader should listen actively to their employees, ask for advice, share personal stories and work together towards a goal with his or her #employees.

Leadership traits/characteristics

To empower your employees is to be supportive in their progressive success, also to have faith in their employees and take responsibility.

When employees feel empowered they get motivated and in a better opportunity to learn and control stress at work, it #encourages open communication, clearly define roles which help employees to understand what they are expected to do or what is expected from them. Also, to appreciate their efforts because it will make them feel valuable by their peers mostly at work.

The Benefits of Employee Empowerment

1, An employee who feels or thinks he or she is empowered works better in that organisation and will feel their personal work is also important to the organisation.

2, An employee who feels he or she is empowered will feel flexible and free to select or set how to begin and the end work assigned to him or her.

3,An employee who feels empowered will render a better performance successfully in his or her organisation.

4, The personal behaviour of an empowered employee most times contribute to the development and outcome of the organisation.

In summary the empowerment of the employee develop the organisation and contribute a lot to the organisation and if the 4 conditions are met then the employees have been empowered, it is when the employee is empowered that they are more innovative, creative diligent at their work and feel a sense of belonging.

Employees are an organisation's most important asset - they are your competitive advantage. Employee empowerment is a great asset to a business or organisation, and they should be given power to make decisions without consulting their bosses or managers sometimes because they are usually experts in the field they are in. They need that sense of #empowerment in the organisation to express their views and only then will they show more interest and have a positive attitude towards that an organisation or #business.

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