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What is Coaching and Training?

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

Training tips for your Personal development

Steps to Success:

#Desire with all your heart, imagination is power it makes you go beyond your limit.

Fix your mind to the exact thing you want to do.

Create a definite plan.

Write down statement of your intend plan.

Name the time limit.

Make a decision and act.

Don't procrastinate .

A coaching and training canvas explains what coaching and development is all about

Coaching and Training

Coaching is about elevating, increasing and improving knowledge (skills) and development and #Training is about transferring and pass on knowledge. both have to do with knowledge but the action word behind it is a bit different , so first you pass on the knowledge to a person and if that knowledge elevate the person you have trained and coached the person which is a big and important part of "development and empowerment". Also teachers, students and people working in the educational sector can also gets book from amazon