Never Suffer How do you know if she is the One? Again

We frequently notice  and hear happily married men and how long-married men said they immediately understood that "she was the one when they met their soulmates. For some, it was the scent and others is her smile! And some just how they felt calm and confident with their loved ones and others simply interest", what matter is doing what works for you!

After examining real couples, the scientists discovered that if a person feels rejected or uncomfortable when he dates someone, that person is not the one

Few things I have discovered and happy to share with you!

  • Common interests do not matter

The idea that every aspect of your personality must coincide is one of the most common misconceptions. You would, for instance, have identical interests, love and hate the same things, etc. Yet, as studies show, the most important thing is not the alignment of interests. What you think when you're together is much more important.

  • A man gets better next to a lady

There is nothing like a perfect relationship of course !, because in any relationship there are difficulty working. But as a rule you feel more alive, happy, and able to act spontaneously, being close to "your" man.

There should be no anger, helplessness, or the feeling when you're together that you don't like yourself.

  • Do you feeling comfortable around her!

When he feels "at home when close to her loved one, that is, comfortable and relaxed, he can become the only one for a man.

  • You may not agree on everything, however your views are mostly the same

There's a high likelihood you're not going to be exact copies of each other, but that's great too. Men and women can learn a great deal from the gaps between them. Yet, after all, emotions are the area in which harmony plays a major role. What do you feel about rage, depression, fear, and happiness?

In what way do you  express your love? When you view things completely differently, the situation can be difficult.

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  • You feel great thanks to your loved one

If a man feels important and desirable alongside a woman and all that surrounds her, she will look beautiful to him. He's probably going to decide she's his only one.

People need to establish an emotional connection, which in a close #relationship is very essential. No one has yet succeeded in finding out exactly and completely what love is. Many people call it a mystical combination of emotions and sex or a mixture of #love and companionship.

We all need emotional contact with other people, which means a great deal to us. Nevertheless, the need  for emotional touch or contact will not vanish. 

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