Yes, it is impossible to lose weight and burn fat in 3 weeks, and I will tell you how.

You can't cardio burn fat in 1 week but you can in 3 weeks. If you do exercise or cardio the body will use all the glucose first during the first week and then the body will start using fat storage afterwards.

But, You can only burn fat by cardio if your body is in ketosis form, You have to cut down all the carbohydrates to reach the ketosis form and focus only on sources of fat and protein.

Cardio workouts

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Food in fat and protein is what you need with less carbohydrate, it usually takes about 6 to  7 days for your body to reach the ketosis stage. Keto diet helps to minimise fat at a very rapid pace together with cardio. When you do 30 minutes of cardio workout or exercise you will burn about 150 calories. Workout for 3 weeks on a fitness simulator 3 - 4 times for half an hour, the intake will be 1,350 calories - 2,400 calories.

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Keto Diet

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