3 Top Relationship Advice And Tips

Relationships are like broken glass. Sometimes it’s better to leave them broken than hurt yourself trying to put the pieces back together.

We need to understand that if a #relationship cannot be fixed it might also be because we need time to fix ourselves or have we taught maybe we not ready yet? Number one thing is to love yourself first before you can love someone else. Yes if a relationship is broken I deed say it is better to leave them broken than to be hurt trying to put the pieces back together, but then we need to also evaluate ourselves because we might just be the curse of it.

Relationship is a two-way thing not a one way thing we all need to give and contribute as much as we can and also have positive mindset. Trust, communication and understanding is the key, going back to what I said earlier when I said it is better to leave it broken and not try to put the pieces back together.

#1 "Trust"is key, yes Trust ! Trust! Trust! Because when there is lack of trust then it is so hard to fix the relationship but you need to evaluate yourself, is it because you don't trust yourself or is it because you have had bad experiences in the past? And do you think it is fair to put your past on others? Do honestly feel it is wrong to do that, because people are different and have different mindset?

#2 #Mindset of an individual is so important in a relationship because a positive mindset gives a positive result and a negative mindset gives a negative result. "Earl Nightingale" said what a man thinks is what he is all day long and that is 100 percent true, so if you don't trust someone it might just be because you don't trust yourself.

#3 A relationship is like a tree you need to nurture it, water it and take care of it and then it will #grow to be a beautiful tree with strong branches ready for any weather conditions.

Having a positive mindset is so important in a relationship and in everyday life. Love yourself and then you can love others, find your purpose in life and you will find peace.

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