What Are The Best Exercises to lose weight You Can't Afford To Miss

The Lazy way to #Exercises to make you lose weight and stay healthy shortcut

Firstly, you need to know your body type and what works for you, people store fat in different places, some in their belly, some in their waist, some in their thighs, some in their legs, some in their face and even around their heart which is not seen unless you see the doctor etc.

We also need to keep a good diet together with #exercise.

Weight lose is a big problem but no other way to start expect you are willing to put in that extra work and discipline, no #fitness trainer can do it, you need to decide you want to lose

Weight and use what works for you and impact it into your #lifestyle.

It is not a seasonal thing because you want to look good for summer or an occasion but it is a thing you need to consider doing in your life, make it a hobby and something you enjoy.

Hence, there are amazing exercises to lose weight, tighten your body and stay strong, Videos to show you how to do few prank exercises.

1, This is the foundation exercise for all prank sections. It is also called forearm plank.

Lay stomach on the floor with your feet together, place your elbows under your shoulders and lift your body up frame into straight plank.

2, Brace your abs, and keeping your left arm straight, raise it in front of your shoulder height. #Inspire and be #motivated with these exercise!

Video of types of plank workout and how to do it


Return to the plank, then repeat with your right arm, you can also grab a pair of two -three kilos and do 4 sets of right to 15 reps.


3, running or walking is also a good way to lose weight and keep you healthy, when you run or walk you breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide and humans need oxygen to use food energy efficiently.

4, A video on how to breathe properly

Do you know that if you breathe properly it can also help you lose weight because it provides your body's cells with oxygen, that helps to break down the food in your body?

Breathing properly improves your physical look and make you make choices that can keep your help.

5, lifting weights is another way to lose weight and tighten your muscles, we need to convert that fat into muscles before we can tighten our body.

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