Why And How Marketing Has A Subconscious Effect on you

Updated: Apr 4

The power of the Subconscious Mind is a source of power with great importance to every company

Do we think about it when we are tired, hungry or bored, it comes naturally to us and that is the power of the subconscious.

Our respiratory system works subconscious without us consciously aware. It is the power of life, the source of life and how life was created.

Ideas cannot manifest or become reality with the Subconscious #Mind.

Some people call it luck I call it the power of the Subconscious...

You say things or do things automatically without thinking about it, that is the Power of the subconscious. Our minds are programmed to do things without using our brain most times. The same way you buy things or like something sometimes without knowing why you liked it (human nature). Humans use just about 1 - 2 % of their brain and expectational people and geniuses use like 5 %, of their brain. We are programmed to do things subconsciously most times. Experiences can be an example of the Subconscious.

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Coca cola a multinational American company is an example a company that uses the #Subconscious.

There are three things a marketer must learn and take seriously.

Freud's Three Levels of Mind

  • The Preconscious

  • Conscious and Subconscious Mind

  • Unconscious Minds

The preconscious mind : This consists of whatever possibly be put into the conscious mind, let me explain further with coca cola, they use images, colours, symbols (logo).

The colour of coca cola is attractive, stunning, warming which commands the attention of people. Next time you buy #coca cola check the colour, images and logo. It is a recognised brand and the best non-alcoholic drink in the world.

Santa makes you happy on Christmas day! Don't you like santa-claus costume. 🎅

Conscious mind : Contains all your emotions, experiences, feelings and desires that you are conscious of at that given time. This is part of your mental processing and rational thinking. Markets should know about the power of the conscious because that is the only way they can know why and how people think. Coca cola understands the power of the consciousness. Your conscious mind can be likened to a Dog guiding your home. Your instinct and your guide. Coca cola advertisements understands the conscious mind and knows how to give the dog a bone :)... Auto-suggestion advertisement.

Good advertisement, word of mouth experiences, and social media can make the conscious mind silent.

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Subconscious mind is a level of the mind that makes you buy a product or service without thinking, programmed in your mind to feel that the product is what you need or want at that particular time.

The agreement of the conscious and Subconscious (believe and trust) tells you that is what you need or want at that moment. We all have needs and wants, don't we? If we have it we will not want or need it. Example of one of our needs is food and our want is a particular type of food. Need is a necessity while want is a choice.

Great and successful companies knows that your desire is both your needs and wants.

Unconscious Minds: Thoughts, impulses and thoughts beyond our conscious and consciousness. The unconscious includes unacceptable or undesirable things, including feelings. It is important to know what people don't need and want. Good marketing strategist always want to know the undesirable and desirable things of any products or services. Anything the preconscious mind doesn't want will never attract the conscious or subconscious mind. So, it is undesirable and unattractive to people and companies.

All markets, marketers, #sales men, promoters and product strategist should work on the preconscious and subconscious mind because that is where the action takes place:)

Since the preconscious is the level of the mind where things possibly are put into the conscious mind, All markets should do findings, surveys etc which is called product and service marketing strategy.

If analyses, findings are done properly #market strategist can increase sales within a little period of time, but remember it is a consistent process and never ending one...

The conscious mind contains  all the things you are consciously aware of (confused state). The closely related preconscious mind contains all the things you might carry into your consciousness. Subconscious mind is the level of the mind that every business especially start-up businesses must learn.

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